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The Mako 515 here is powered by the Parsun 90hp, 3 cylinder, 1141cc, 2-stroke outboard, (which is virtually identical to the Yamaha 3 cylinder outboard specifications) and has the particularly interesting advantage of being just 122kg for its 90hp.
Whilst it doesn’t qualify to get a green beret from Gary Fooks (ABM’s outboard guru, and the official industry Clean Air Champion) the Parsun 90 certainly wins the price war hands down, being approximately half the cost of many of the equivalent 4-strokes.
The writer is a little weary of the arguments hither and yon that surrounds these outboards by well meaning mainstream dealers who do their level best to put the Parsuns ‘down’ at every opportunity. They do this for a very selfish reason, too, because Parsun has exposed their achilles heel: The over-inflated costof the big brand outboards which is getting further and further away from middle Australia.
The Parsun 5.8hp is now reported to be the biggest selling outboard in Australia, and with BCF happily selling the Parsun range through their entire national chain of 120+ stores, Parsun now has the biggest range of stockists of any brand of outboard in Australia. It has also become one of the biggest brands of outboards in Australia, surpassing the sales of several of the other “major” brands by an embarrassing margin.
This has come about because Parsun has been marketed very carefully, and very astutely in Australia, by a bloke well known to ABM. And that’s largely because the man, Garry Baikovas, started his career in the marine industry as a teenage apprentice outboard mechanic ‘on the tools’, before maturing through the service and technical side of the industry, becoming the service manager for Andrew ShortMarine in one of the biggest marine service centres in Australia.

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