Training, Warranty & Warning

TrainingTraining Program

After sales service is the key to the success of outboards business, so we strongly suggest your technicians or
engineers to attend our 1 or 2 days free training program of maintenance, service and repair in our Suzhou plant.

Warranty Terms

Regarding the warranty period, we can give you longer time for non-commercial users than commercial users.

Please be noted that our warranty covers spare parts for replacement due to our manufacturing fault but does not cover spare parts and air shipping cost due to wrong operation or misuse, and does not cover labor cost.

We have professional English-speaking service manager, leading a team and following our customers every day via email, whatsapp, skype or phone, even visiting our customers for training and repairing at spot.

We have also specific parts manager, leading a team and assuring accurate and prompt parts & accessories delivery.


1. The engine is equipped with a neutral starting device. The engine will not start unless the shift control is in neutral position.
2. Do not touch or remove electrical parts when starting or operating the outboard motor.
3. Keep hands, hair and clothes away from flywheel and other rotating parts while the engine is running.
4. Leaking fuel could cause a fire. For F4(F5), before tilting up the engine or laying it on its side, please turn the fuel cock to the closed position and tighten the air-vent screw on the fuel tank cap.
5. To prevent the engine from stopping due to insufficient fuel supply, always open the air inlet valve on the top of the external red fuel tank before starting.
6. Always check the oil level: Too much oil  or not enough can cause serious damage to the engine. Always change the new gasket and tighten it up when replacing gear box oil.
7. Please always add gear box oil and engine oil when receiving outboards by air transport, as they are drained off oil before air shipment.
8. Please wash your outboards after using in sea water if you are not going to use it.

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